Welcome to Medicine of Light 

Welcome you to our Sacred Space

Shamanic energy DNA healing, Counseling, Spiritual Readings, Soul Mapping, Cacao Love Ritual, Full/New Moon Ritual, Shamanic Journey, Yoga, Meditation, Chakra balancing, Ecstatic Dance, Sound healing bath, Massage, Plant medicine.

Im very honored to offer you Shamanic and Spiritual guidance. Medicine of light is a Healing, creative, empowering, joyful, loving way inside this Safe Sacred Place on Mother Earth. To elevate our mind, body, spirit and heart on its soul journey in this life in order to alleviate us from the difficult situations we are living.

Miska Chaska use different wisdom tools to bring us wellness, beauty, empowerment, joy, magic, love, harmony and inspiration in order to realize what life is meant to be. We learn how to communicate with our higher self, plant medicine, the animal world to finally understand our life's purpose.

In this great time of transition, some of us are experiencing this download of energy on Mother earth through different channels. The effect can range from feeling confused and lost to becoming ill.

In this moment where the shadows are overwhelming the light within, we must find the pathway to our origin. Medicine of Light takes us where the light shines even behind the clouds so that we can reach behind these clouds to retrieve our happiness, wellness and our light.

We must tap into this new flow of energetic transition in order to heal and connect deep with our own heart... And follow our planetary consciousness to become ONE LIGHT on this new earth.

You have been called to change your life into this new consciousness, to retrieve your origin, your own light. I am fully experienced, qualified, healer, massage therapist, yoga mindfulness, meditation teacher, dancer, singer. Im a host on Gaia, live in communion with nature, spirit realms, and human spirit lover.

Guide women, men to release old stories, soul healing to live luminous vibrant health & true potential.

I am looking forward to meeting YOU to share this transformational moment in our sacred space.

Meet Miska Chaska

Hi!! I am Miska Chaska, originally from Slovakia/Czech having been on the Soul and Heart journey for some time...

I have passed many initiations with plant medicine/herbs from Europa and South America, USA, India and I have elevated my Spirit my Heart with different teachings and tools.

I have dreamt of the Peruvian jungle and Sacred Andean mountains since my teens. I was called and enter this incredible place on mother Earth in the year 2011, such a blessing, I will never forget my first encounters with this vibrant Selva and the magical, healing, transforming journeys.

Beginning and continuing of my Soul Journey.

I was called to move from mid of Europe to emerald Ireland in 2001. I learned much about the inner self, on a very deep level, pass many initiations on my Mythic soul journey over 20 years.
I have embarked on the path of Yoga, meditation, (Trained with YTTC Ireland) and different beneficial healing arts*(psychology, philosophies, mysticism, sound healing, dance), and self-study/wisdom, all for the highest good of self-growth and all around me.

As life journey continues I dedicate my path to Shamanic journey ..from Celtic, African, Native American led her to the South American.
I have been initiated to Peruvian Lineage of medicine women and man, Laikas (Queros) in 2007. I have experienced many visions of my past and the future. I have had to re-remember being on the path of medicine women in different lifetimes and I have learnt to embrace many gifts in this life again!! To step from the dark to the light side.
Graduating from Healing Light Body School - the Four Winds with Dr Alberto Villoldo in July 2010.

As an Earth/wisdom keeper, after much deep personal healing work and many initiations on her Path of Shaman Priestess, I began to Share this teaching, by hosting ceremonies, workshop & healing for individuals and Mother Earth - in a different part of the world. (Majestic mountains of Europe, Hawaii, USA, India, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, sacred places and in the heart of the Amazonian Jungle).
Gaining many insides and abilities, integrating all the heal parts and gifts into my daily practice and everyday life, I was called to work with our universal energy and the rhythms of Pachamama, medicinal plants.

Having been very busy, assisting others with her guidance and healing tools, in this amazing transition ascending time, I am very honour and grateful to be in your service today.
I'm passionately loving this work and being of assistance hosting healing retreats, Yoga, Detox retreats, Radiant awakening workshops, and also offering long therm apprentice/shamanic medicine, healing, high vibrational energy work.

My heart is filled with joy, gratitude to become part of the indigenous culture, wisdom, families. Expanding, sharing of unconditional love together. I have responded to a great dream and calling, of the New World to bring Medicine of Light and to be co-creator Eco healing centre in Peru.

My life purpose is to guide others to learn how to become more connected to the mother Earth, universal energy, guidance, meet personal guides, transform, heal, tune in and to live up to ones own True potential and heart full life!!!"

During your Retreat  in Peru

Mission is to serving as a bridge to connect interested seekers with Shamanic Traditions of indigenous and modern, as well as alternative modalities of healing and energy work, all in the sanctuary of the tranquil jungle environment or now bring all this anywhere in your Home.

In conjunction with this deeply personal process of healing and self-inquiry, we gladly offer assistance and support through a variety of retreats and workshops based on Shamanism Curanderismo,  ceremonies & Persona Plant Diets Counselling and Integration (private and group), Private treatments 1:1 Energy Helaing Sessions, Massage, Reflexology, Soul retrieval, Sound Healing Chakra Balancing classes, Yoga meditation and ecstatic Dance classes, Holistic Nutrition and Diet Support.

Employing techniques of Permaculture and Agroforestry in the cultivation of wholesome unadulterated foods, fruits, herbal medicinal plants, as well as education in principles ecology ad sustainability in an effort to preserve and re-forest the disappearing Amazon Jungle, which provides more than twenty per cent of the world's oxygen

While in Peru, sourcing of sustainable/renewable resources in the construction of buildings and natural living structures (ex. Tambos, mud-brick, Bamboo, Earthships...).

The utilisation of sustainable methods of architecture and design in order to most effectively minimize the environmental impact of construction and maximize the efficiency of resources in working synergistically with the energy-flow and inherent design of nature.

Supporting eco-tourism as a means of providing economic opportunity and cultural preservation of indigenous cultures and communities; and in so doing, creating awareness on a global scale of the need for stewardship and protection of an endangered Amazon and indigenous cultures therein.

Miska Chaska is a wonderful guide through out ceremonies. She works with all her heart and highest knowledge, superconsciousness. Through the years she have created strong, relationship and combining her teachings together with Wisdom and Teachings, guidance of medicinal plants. Its a wonderful fusion of the feminine and masculine in sacred space, assisting many with much love and integrity. We always create a sacred safe space each ceremony at Medicine of Light fill with much Love, Munay, peace, protection-Arkana, harmony, beauty***  Welcome you all to Chakana Templo**

Video Testimonials


Taking the Chakra Mastery Course was a great way to learn more about the 7 Chakras, connect with myself, and others in the group. Miska's wisdom and knowledge on the topic were insightful. I was able to reconnect to parts of myself I had forgotten to tune into. Every week we meditated, shared stories, danced, and created art. It was a healing experience, thank you Miska! -Anis Ortis

As I know Miska now for four years and became her first student in the Rainbow Star Medicine Wheel, I honour every time her lovely dedication to this sacred work and healing. Miska is a great teacher, compassionate and clear, with the open heart and purity how a real shaman is needed on this planet. The one to one healing is very deep and transformative, it can release trauma and past wounds, in order to go forward with liberated and joyful power in your heart and soul!

Her ceremonies with Ayahuasca and Cacao are as powerful and amazing as also save and pure, because of her dedication to the divine light. In Peru are only very view people to trust fully for having a save and sacred Ayahuasca ceremony. Miska is definitely one of the best, because she is during all the process available and attentive with her great appearance.

Also as a teacher it is easy to share experiences and learn more things, in order to practise. Without ego and with the aim to grow into the better, for the highest good of all.

As a friend I really love her, because she takes responsibility for her acting and changing the world with her beautiful impact towards a healing, colourful and flourishing one - just as we humans do.

Muchas gracias y Munay sonco!
- Fanny Ramira

Taking part in this chakra mastery course was, without a doubt, a life-changing experience for me. Knowing nothing about chakras, I threw myself in at the deep end and opened myself up to receive whatever was to come. I came away feeling alive, strong, empowered, courageous, peaceful and completely myself. Before working with Miska I felt I was struggling to breathe, lost and clawing to find myself again. Nearly three years on I am still standing strong and following my heart. To Miska, I will be eternally grateful for unlocking the amazing power within.
-Heidi B.

Private session with Miska Chaska, she has a highly refined intuition that allows her to formulate questions that bring light to the depths of one's shadows. My sessions with her have guided me into places of serenity and empowerment. Since the last session I have been able to see my patterns more clearly and understand which tools to utilize in order to create healthier rhythms. I feel very grateful for the gifts she has brought to my life. Thank you so much Miska
-Violet Julia C. H.

If anyone may be able to do this training with Miska Chaska I could not recommend it more. I had the great honor of studying the south direction with her 2018, and it was hands down the most transformative experience of my life. We worked with deep personal wounds, ancestral patterns and lineages, released and healed great things. I was able to come fully into my body like never before and ultimately my entire life changed after this experience. I met my partner and had my beautiful angel baby! I often view my life in terms of before and after this training. All I can say join Miska Chaska !!!
- Marcela S.