Rise and Shine Mentoring 1:1 Soul Heart Diamond Way Coaching

 New Tools to True Awakening - Find your Own Gifts - New Map to New Destiny

Can't wait to help you be your healthy, awakened, confident self. 

Rise and Shine 1-1 Coaching Curriculum 

90 days with Miska Chaska

Retrieve your Inner Diamond 

One Exclusive Private 90 minute Energy healing & Coaching Session per week for three months 

13 Authentic healing sessions, tailored for you Value 4700 Euro

ONE to ONE Sessions include

Follow up recording, notes & resources per session Euro 500 value

Unlimited text & email support between calls, Reach out Responses M-F 9a-5p Euro 1000 value

Private session to help you find your vocation of Euro 3200 Value.
and Integration Sacred mapping, 3x Access pass to New/Full Moon Ritual 2022


Mentorship 2022 begins when you sign up

Coaching Completes 3 months from the start date. 



 2997 Euro


Euro 1111  3 x monthly payments 



One 60 min Bonus Mentoring Integration Session To help you ground Rise & Shine in your Life.

Pay in full within 24 hours of this call


Payment plan Euro 997 (3monthly payments) 

Opportunity →*SIGN ON THE CALL BONUS* Receive3x Access pass To New / Full Moon Ritual 2022 Commit & Pay in Full on this call

With MiskaChaska Shamanic Energy Practitioner, Yoga, Meditation teacher, Personal Guide
With MiskaChaska Shamanic Energy Practitioner, Yoga, Meditation teacher, Personal Guide

The Soul Evolution Healing Conscious Tools Wisdom for Women and Men

Soul and Heart Healing Diamond Way Journey

1:1 Coaching is for you if you...

... are feeling alone, not good enough, lack of love and support

...are experiencing much pain, personal or collective, feeling overwhelmed and stressed

... are feeling ill and tired , illness rising in your family
...have been victim of emotional, physical abuse, maltreated in childhood

...are feeling lost and unmotivated, difficulty getting out of bed

Rise and Shine Soul Heart Journey is designed to help women and men release old cellular memory, heal DNA, and live in the Heart, so they can live a vibrant, happy life to their fullest potential and sacred union of Feminine and Masculine.

In this journey,I will assist you to unveil hidden parts of Self and learn how to deal with it Shadow/Light.
To get more in touch with your true Self, own essence in the Heart, to receive more information & truth, make space for the new vibration to arise and new gifts to integrate. You will get new tools to live differently. Walk the beauty way and lead a happy, fulfilled life.

I have been on a healing journey myself for a while and I can say it's like a Spiral, going deep into the center and spiraling out when there is a strong Soul Call to Rise and Shine.

I'm thrilled to meet you in person and guide you on this three months Journey in the Sacred Nurturing space tailored for you, to liberate your Soul, feel your own heartbeat with joy, feel your innocence, self love, to feel freedom and follow your true heart calling.


💠Transforming your pain and wounds into new medicine, vibrant health, beauty, with joy, love and passion for life

💠Live life in full with daily Ritual

💠Fully understand who you are, meet your authentic self, your essence, Soul HEALING and full embodiment of Self Love

💠Growing new luminous body DNA, astral crystal clear activation, immaculate cellular health

💠Take this step for you With me TODAY

💠Take advantage of the Support, Guidance and Tools being offered.

Success Stories

As i have immersed myself in this beautiful energy healing light work I have come home to myself!!
Miska's immaculate holding of space and channelling of the rainbow &diamond light allowed me to travel deep into the essence of the heart of my soul shading shadows, patterns,imprints from ions and generations that no longer serve.I immerse Pure and bright full of light and the divine sacred love. IM HOME AGAIN, Fully aligned to my lineage. The Tree Of Light sending its roots deep down to Pachamama giving fruits of diamond light. Thank you thank you thank you to all Keepers and dear Miska Chaska

- Karin W.2021


Dear Miska since our meeting and doing this sacred Energy Shamanic DNA healing work I have had Grown enormously strong!! Feel Empowered!! I have Free myself and Heal my Ancestry line,much heavy weight lift up, which I was holding onto for a very long time! My heart feels more healed ando open, joeys!!I My heart feels more healed ando open, joeys!!

Miska Chaska I appreciate you very much turning up in my Life Journey, you have shown me a way of Self Love, Compassion for myself and all above.
I want to do more healing, advanced learning, that I can assist and serve more.

I'm Calling in, become a better leader, teacher, inspiration.
And more higher consciousness tools for the company, people around me!

-Will H.2021

If this resonated with you today - let's chat! Please send me a message, BONUS you will get a 15-minute health coaching session from me!!