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Welcome to Quinti - the home of traditionally prepared Sacred Ceremonial Cacao Elixirs.

Make your ritual at home or in a ceremonial circle with our delicious hand-crafted blends.

Enjoy the ultimate, authentic Cacao experience and take your ceremonial experience to the next healing level!

Our Elixirs are hand-made fresh, from whole raw cacao beans in small batches in the Quinti Cacao Temple, by founder Miska Chaska using traditional techniques using her unique recipes crafted over 2 decades of working with the Theobroma ;(cacao tree), herbs and medicine plants whilst living and working as a medicine woman with traditional medicine tribes in both Peru and Europe.

Each blend is unsweetened and packed with delicious, organic, raw ceremonial cacao beans, sweet jungle medicine plants, herbs, spices, flowers, superfoods, all made with sunshine, love, and infused high-frequency crystals and music designed to lift you up, to warm you and open your heart!

These delicious elixirs are full of antioxidants which are greatly beneficial to your cells and can slow down the process of aging, assist in detoxing free radicals from the body and boost your neurotransmitters. Drinking Cacao has been shown to increase focus, whilst reducing stress, anxiety, and depression and noticeably improve memory, emotional awareness, and overall happiness. How does it do this? Simply put, Cacao contains natural Anandanine and Love Chemicals so you are literally drinking a cup of love!

Rich in copper, calcium, manganese, potassium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, B vitamins, Cacao blends are the ultimate superfood benefiting full body rejuvenation and improved mental health. Quinti uses carefully selected Organic Peruvian Cacao beans from direct sources (which is better than fair trade even)

Quinti, In the Quechua language, means Hummingbird/Colibri, symbolic of the highest vibration in Shamanic tradition, and sweet cacao nectar. Simply put our elixirs are Bliss, Joy, and Liquid Love in a cup!


Why Elixirs?

During my many years living and working in Peru with plant medicines, I learned that blending cacao with other beneficial herbs and organic ingredients elevated the Cacao experience to target and work on specific areas in our life. Sometimes we need to balance a more Yin/Feminine energy or we need to elevate the Yang/Masculine energy. Cacao when created with these intentions helps us to work on the area that needs our attention during that time. Different moon phases and times of the year also benefit from one energy more than another.

Creating my own blends came instinctually and naturally as I adopted my childhood herbalist skills and found that the shamanic tribes I worked with and lived amongst also used Cacao in this way. However, Quinti's magic is due to a uniquely powerful combination of Peruvian and European wisdom.

Cacao can be a very emotionally and spiritually healing experience as well as physically fortifying. Keeping our own personal ceremony work going helps us to enjoy life in each moment, appreciate the beauty within us and to strengthen and radiate illumination in the energy field. All these aspects help us to have mental and emotional resilience when dealing with day-to-day stress, toxins, EMF pollution, and emotional negativity around us.

Though I loved living and working in Peru and miss it very much, I learned that it is us in everyday non-tribal lives that are suffering the most stress and diminishing life force. I felt deeply called to create a way to share these elixirs that would be available to anyone wherever they live, not just out in the jungle.

I have worked as a Shamanka (Female Shaman) for over 16 years and believe the power of intention when preparing and working with sacred plants is extremely important. Therefore, all Quinti blends are ground, prepared, mixed, and package in a sacred medicine temple-space and infused with crystals and healing binaural beats to ensure they are at their highest healing potency and sacred best when you receive them.

This is also why I have included mantra intentions for each blend to work with, so you can invoke the medicine of the plants themselves through declaration.

I hope you will enjoy these sacred blends and find them an invaluable healing tool for mind, body, and spirit and for your ceremonies either alone or in sacred circles.

Quinti Ritual in NYcity  2020 With Amazing Artist Caro Arevalo
Quinti Ritual in NYcity 2020 With Amazing Artist Caro Arevalo

May you be blessed with the fortitude, light, and wisdom of the ancestors before you as you enjoy each cup! Aho!

With much Love Munay

Miska Chaska xxxx

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