Shamanic Energy Healing

Miska Chaska, was initiated in the Inca tradition since 2007. Working with Miska will bring you so much; new insights, more awareness, empowerment to elevate your love, light, peace and joy so that you can bring out beauty which will allow you to see the inner and outer world with new eyes and allow you to solve all your physical psychic problems.

Restores the body, mind and spirit by harmonizing heavy and subtle energies. When harmony - Ayni is present, healing takes place.

Once we step into this invisible world, we embrace the unknown. Healing and transformation of all the wounds, here are some Examples: Old disempowering beliefs and habits, conditioning, pain linking to pleasure, not feeling good enough, all the different fears, inner critic, negative thoughts old chatter, ancestry programming, inheritance illness, negative beliefs, old stories.

 Which are stopping us from love, inner peace, living free, growth, ascension... disconnection to our own and universal rhythms by the separation of oneself and the world, Mother Earth, Pachamama...

Miska works in shamanic Dreamtime realms, she accesses very specific information related to your healing. She will guide you to dream your world into being. With the tool of her voice and rattle or drum, she will bring you to Alfa state, wakeful relaxation, helping you to restore harmony, bringing wholeness to oneself, deep calm, self-love, compassion, joy. You will restore your perception and heart, more clarity, joy, positivity arises, you will see your world with different eyes, more magic, confidence, courage, light, and beauty, self-love, compassion for self and all.

Take control of all Your thoughts to control your feelings, feelings control your actions and reaction. Actions affect your life, creations.

This work has been the greatest transformational tools I have ever discovered, experience and learn. I have truly transformed myself and my life inside out!!


Healing work in the private session may include:

ILLUMINATION PROCESS* The Luminous energy field surrounds our body, which holds all the personal and ancestral imprints. By clearing and transforming these heavy energies, the luminous field can re-pattern the body and soul back to wellness.

EXTRACTION AND CLEANSING*In this session, we will track and remove energies which no longer serve you or belong to you and are stopping you from living free and being authentic.

SOUL RETRIEVAL* Another ancient healing practice retrieving your soul / aspect of your essential energy which has been lost through trauma, accidents, injuries, abuse or simply illness.

JOURNEYS & SACRED WORK WITH ANIMAL SPIRIT, PLANT SPIRIT, MINERAL KINGDOMS. Miska journey to different worlds and non ordinary reality, connects with alias (helpers).



As a shaman she works with this element to expand her wisdom and knowledge for a great benefits of all.This assistance and journey can help you in your daily life...She teaches how to create a natural holistic relationship with all living in our environment... Animal Kingdom are guardians and Alias with gift of strength, empowerment...Plant kingdom are plants, trees, herbs which have gifts of bringing, helping us with harmony restore equilibrium Mineral kingdom are rock, stones, crystals... With gift of knowledge and healing.