WEDNSDAY 21. 6. 2023

we come together 7-7.30pm Irish time , location Burren and around the Shore location given after your purches your ticket !
Call txt more details and booking
00353 86 305 64 39
Celebrating together in this time welcoming 🌸 Magic  into our Lifes This Ritual is to support your souls & hearts journey.

 Quinti Cacao Elixir & Miska Chaska's Ritual is to be held in Sacred Space. It is tailored for your journey towards personal deep heart healing. Miska prepares a very natural, potent Vibrant Elixir (potion) from Organic fair trade raw cacao and a mix of superfood herbs. These herbs were expertly picked by Miska, based on years of experience with the Cacaoito plant.

Miska works with higher vibrational sounds, mantras, songs, crystals charged with elements in her Sacred Space, bringing you a very heartwarming, healing, harmonizing and liberating experience.

Allow feelings of Divine Love to touch your heart and soul. As you will ingest this amazing Cacao medicinal drink, you will feel its euphoric healing properties. 

Miska's humble spiritual guidance, songs, meditation and art of movement will bring you on a beautiful journey. You will have the opportunity to set intentions and prayers for your heart, body, mind & spirit to liberate any subconscious patterns of negative thoughts imprints, and manifest positive deepest dreams and Self Love 💕🌸


Welcome you all to sit together, in the beautiful space, surrender with pure nature and elements, inside by the fire with a Warm cup of Elixir in your hands ... Beltane Ritual with Heart-Warming Journey.

Theobroma Cacao Tree its fruit cacao beans are filled with soo much potent minerals and its natural superfood is filled with sunshine!
Release Anandanine and dopamine *happy*hormone which is essential for our Daily lives & growth&health potent activator and bridge between our human nature and esoteric Nature worlds.
Helps to liberate detoxify brings inner peace serenity and much joy, deep feeling of Self-love and Belonging!!
Plus have many essential minerals(magnesium, zinc,B vitamins.

Would you like to join me on the journey please connect with me in person for more detail
space limited to 13 participants!
Order Elixir for your home ritual connect in person for more info!

Your Investment is from 45 euro 

Payment via Revolut or Bank transfer , please connect with me in person.

Much Love Miska xxxx