Soul Maping- Transformational Guidance, Directions, Tools-New Gifts

This session is tailored for your when you are feeling stuck in your life, coming to a dead-end, calling in for help, new directions in a relationship, work, or looking for a life purpose.

Does any of these resonate with you right now??

You struggle with low self-esteem, overweight, feeling stagnant, not fully trusting her /himself

You feel overwhelmed with many tasks and emotions, looking for Self-care, nurturing empowering practice, to apply to your life, to live a healthy and passion-filled life.

Searching for your vocation in this Life, questioning your life path and gifts?

 You have your own Practice feeling stuck OR you are interested to learn new tools, which can support your health & happiness

You just feel to step in and take the Giant leap to Healthy Vibrant Life but are not sure where to start.


Miska Chaska will work with you in a private one-to-one sacred space, help you to track any blockages which may be stopping you to start a new life ...clearing, transforming, and together you will step to create a Sacred soul map, retrieve new gifts, possibility. Help you to bring all into a new positive perspective.

125,00 €