Radiant Awakening /Yoga/Ayahuasca/   Munay ki Retreat

in the heart the sanctuary of Medicine of Light.

In the Eco healing center Chirapa Manta in , Higher Selva, region of St. Martin, Peru

10 DAYS Radiant Awakening  Retreat 
We welcome you to 10 days of Shamanic/Ayahuasca/ Meditation/ Yoga/Psychosomatic energy DNA soul heart body mind healing retreat.
With Shamanic Medicine Woman, Yoga  and meditation Teacher, Dancer, Intuitive Healer Miska Chaska 

This journey is truly authentic, with profound purification, transformation, healing and loving support.
Medicine of light healing program was established 8 years ago, based on living experience in the Amazon of Peru, with plant - spirit and energy medicine with Shamanic traditions/mesa carrier of the Incas.
 Beautiful Icaros weaving their wisdom together with Shamanic ceremonies/wisdom, counseling, yoga, meditation, art, dance, stillness and sound healing.
You are welcome to take this opportunity, to truly understand yourself, your essence, to heal emotional blockages, traumas, to explore other realms, to reconnect with your higher self, to reconnect with the roots of one self and Mother Earth/Pachamama.
These experiences awaken timeless energy that lies within our hearts, cells and DNA beyond time and space.
Whereby we may send wishes to our ancestors through meditation, fire-ceremonies, Ayahuasaca medicine plant ceremonies, sound healing, dance and more. Enrich your visit to Peru with treasured memories, by creating your own personal soul journey, reconnecting with your ancestors on this ancient land and the sacred space within your Heart.
Connect, transform, integrate, celebrate, honor via sacred ceremonies, meditation and spiritually guided tools.

We welcome you to this special place in the pachamama garden, which came to us as gift to co create a healing, nurturing, joy-filled, loving and peaceful sanctuary.
Each day we wake up with the new dawn and share the space of the Heart Circle and enjoy nurturing food for the body, mind and spirit. Together we step in to the healing circle, with a rich program which includes art healing classes.
Also you will be gaining insights of the Medicine wheel (Shamanic journey healing, power, beauty and magic).
Cleansing practices include plant flower baths.
Our Medicine Ayahuasca ceremonies are held in the Heart Medicine of Light, Chakana temple with the very dedicated, loving Miska Chaska and the loving assistance of experienced medicine facilitator. You will be helped with anything you need that is connected to your personal journey, before and after ceremonies each time. You will be helped with going to bathroom, to keep warm, access to water, holding the space and your hand...We only use brewed Ayahuasca vine with Chakruna leaves, We provide a sacred and safe environment.

This sacred place is in the higher Selva (Jungle). In your own rhythms, relax with the Bella Vista over the River in the Amazon Forest on hamackas , contemplating in your own sacred space. Gather with same inspired people who are stepping on path of positive change and rising consciousness, healing together. We will gather in the healing heart circle to ground all your experiences, to prepare you for new joyful journey home as we say to fly on colorful Humming bird wings, to share more beauty and love with your community.
From the depth of our hearts we are very delighted to meet you and assist you on your sacred journey with many infinite blessings ,love, light, peace
Irake, Namaste, Munay Sonco The medicine of light team:) 

Join us today. Intimit group of 8 person / 7 places available.

Register with deposit now to make your reservation.


This 10 days authentic journey includes:

• Superfood / wholesome  vegan meals
• Eco accommodation and facilities
• Munay ki Rites Initiation

• 4 Medicine Ceremonies
  • Highly skilled Medicine healer and   facilitator 

• Integration of the four ceremonies/ heart circles
• One to One Shamanic energy counseling / healing session with Miska Chaska
• Fire Ceremonies
• Art healing classes (anahata yoga- meditation and art...)
• Loving support
• Purifying and refreshing medicinal floral baths
• Relaxing cleansing baths
• Sound healing

And much more in this exquisite place

We have intimit group of max 8 person.
• **Booking is essential**Space is limited to keep an intimate and safe space so early booking is recommended; will email you Registaration Form, payment will be required in advance to reserve your space as commitment to your Journey. 

To book please contact Miska Chaska ,via FB or email: Medicineoflight@gmail.com

With registration we recommend to skype & connect with each participant and to receive your Medical Check up from your Doctor before coming to Peru to participate in the Retreat. 
If any addition questions arise not mention above, please feel free to contact us for more informations.

We feel so privileged and excited to share with you all that we have learn and experienced by living upon and sacredly connecting and working with Madre Ayahuasca, magical and powerful medicinal plant. We creating this transformational ceremonial place, from our years of working and living the path of the Shamanic teaching by honoring our Spirituality, Divine Feminine & Masculine, our divine connection & journeying with mother Earth and the Universe.

We will use the different tools, which we have gathered and practice over the years, to be in assistance and support to others as a guides of One Soul journey, through variety of retreat and workshops, based on Shamanism, Energy healing, Sound healing, Chakra healing, Yoga, Meditation, Dance, holistic nutrition, Treatments.As we step with ceremony on these site we will have the opportunity to go beyond space, time and our current and sometimes limited perceptions by re - connecting deeply with Mother Earth and the whole Universe. You will learn to expand your energy and access clearly the divine guidance from within. Working with amazing Plant Spirit medicine will help you to address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of our being. Will show you a way to inferior self to reconnect with your own spirit and the Spirit of the Amazon Jungle, Pachamama all her inhabitants.

This Spiritual journey is unlike a typical retreat as the purpose is to go deep into the interior self via the path of the wisdom of the inner landscape, connecting, transcending and tuning in to discover the hidden realm of your true self. From this place you can expand your inner Light and experience your sacred essence in a safe and nourishing environment in places of reverence.Our journey together will awaken timeless energy that lies dormant within the fiery blood that courses through our veins, whereby we may activate our soul purpose, heal our stories, send wishes to our ancestors.As we walk with beauty and softly Mothers belly, we will create a sustainable living to foster cultivation and preservation, eco tourism to provide knowledge, work for indigenous people in their native environment.

Extra note:

As you may know we are situated in the higher Selva, the altitude, air pressure playing big role up there, can varies depending of the day.

For people with some physical restriction it maybe bit challenging, therefore before you signing in, let us know in person, we can discuss further possibilities. We have assistant, they can carry your bag, plus rain gear will be required to bring with you.

Due to our location and begging of resting this place its very down to earth environment (in the eco structures homes, with eco compost toilets, fresh water showers, solar energy. Our intention is to truly connect, respect the rhythms of the Mother Nature, all beautifully complimenting this Sacred ayahuasca healing journey.

Please make sure you take a moment to prepare your self before embarking on this journey with us.

You may have plans to fly back home, continue journey around Sacred places of Peru or like to extend your stay in eco Retreat center Chirapa Manta, where Medicine of Light retreats are hosted ,for post medicine or relaxation days...

You are very welcome to do so. Its very common after deep medicine , shamanic energy healing work to feel you need more time to relax, or do more  healing work or grounding, before return into the busy worlds..

Therefore please give us an advance notice, or we will check with you during the retreat, that we can make a reservation for extra days and meals..etc


Serving as a bridge to connect interested seekers with Shamanic Traditions of indigenous as well as alternative modalities of healing and energy work,  all in the sanctuary of  Medicine of Light, either via private 1:1 private online session, 90 day of deep immersion mentoring, workshops, Sacred Ritual here in Europe, all online internationally, or in person, when we return to the tranquil jungle environment.

In conjunction with this deeply personal process of healing and self-inquiry, we gladly offer assistance and support through a variety of retreats and workshops based on
Shamanism Curanderismo, ayahuasca ceremonies &Persona Plant Diets
Counseling and Integration (private and group)
Private treatments Reiki, Acupuncture, Massage, Reflexology, Soul retrieval
Sound Healing Chakra Balancing classes
Yoga meditation and ecstatic Dance classes
Holistic Nutrition and Diet Support

While in the Jungle of Peru 

Employing techniques of Permaculture and Agroforestry in the cultivation of wholesome unadulterated foods, fruits, herbal medicinal plants, as well as education in principles ecology ad sustainability to preserve and re-forest the disappearing Amazon Jungle, which provides more than twenty percent of the world's oxygen (www.savetheamazon.org/rainforeststats)

Medicine of Light

Miska Chaska Invite you for two sacred events

Inti Raymi Solstice - On the 21st June
Ceremonies Celebration en la Selva, Sauce -Tarapoto
Munay ki 3day Workshop and Initiation - On the 23-25 June 2018

On the 21st June: we will share Sacred fire and Ayahuasca heart Inti Ceremonies

23.-25. June: The Munay -ki workshop

9 powerful rites of enlightenment to support your journey and family, community our planet from old tradition of the Quero's.

This incredible transition rites of holograms of light will connect you to traditions of Earthkeepers Wisdom keepers, Starkeeper will awake your inner healer and you will receive new seeds of light to nurture and grow.

You will have honor to step in deeply with new practice of healing to elevate our human consciousness and join universal conciousness ...

Read more about this rites https://medicineoflight.webnode.cz/shamanic-healing/

For more details-info about both events and to reserve your place please contact Miska before 19th of June!!


From depth of my heart looking forward meeting you and celebrate and assist you on your sacred journey.

Munay Sonco Aho Mytakuye Oyasine