Holistic Treatments                          Art of healing


A very natural and unique way to release and rejuvenate your energy centres. In the session, you will have the opportunity to connect to each Chakra and to understand what is blocking the flow and functioning. Miska will use different tools to assist you and bring balance to each of those Chakra Petals of Light and your Life.

Cost per person 60 min - 60 euro


A unique combination of gentle, fluid strokes is used to provide deep nurturing, increasing your well being while also releasing stress. Miska only uses organic essential oils with her healing treatments.
With her intuitive guidance, feel your worries drift away as you sink into this healing massage,

Cost per person 70min - 70euro


A Treatment Combining Massage, Divination & Healing Stones

Using Ancient Shamanic Techniques passed down for generations from the Laika Queroo Traditions, this healing with medicine stones and Miska's intuitive healing hands will assist in releasing all physical and emotional blockages which are stored in your cellular memory - sometimes for fa lifetime... It is performed lying down with intuitive guidance and aids in bringing individauls Home to self.

This is a very powerful healing practice, recommended when you feel emotionally and/or physically down, if you have physical/medical imbalances, if you have confusion in your life, if you are stuck in your physical or mind world, are not able to connect with your higher self, or simply curios and love new experiences... 

Individuals are welcome with all the sacredness from the heart chakra and the lineage of Laikas.

Cost per person 70min - 75 euro

Om Shree Dhanvantre Namaha

(Healing Mantra) 


This traditional art incorporates an Indian head massage and is based on an ancient system of Ayurveda medicine which has been practised for 1000 years in India.

This technique helps to rebalance the whole body, mind and spirit. It is performed on the head, neck, shoulders, upper back, arms and hands... Miska's gifted hands add healing and rebalance your energy centres, called Chakras. We welcome you to experience this Indian Serenity.

  Cost per person 60 - 60euro


An Holistic Therapy treats the feet in order to balance the whole body. An Ancient Chinese Practice which dates back to 3000 BC, and now very common in the West. Reflexology is a respected alternative treatment for stress, migraines, insomnia, allergies, digestion problems, menstrual and hormonal irregularities, the problem with fertility, fatigue, aches and pains and many other ailments.

Come and discover this treatment for yourself.

Cost per person 45 min - 55 euro


This Universal Life Energy Hands-on Healing Practice, founded by Dr Usui, Japan in the late 19th Century. Reiki brings in Universal Divine Energy and is a specific healing energetic channel, bringing into the patient by means of touch, which activates the natural healing processes of the the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being.
This is a wonderful complementary treatment to any other, and can also assist plants and animals.

Cost per person 60min - 60 euro

Art of Healing

At every moment we are creators, so let us be the creator/artist of our own healing through these ancient practices by working with the divine creative energy to become our authentic selves...

Come and connect with the Earth, unite with your beautiful body and the wind of your breath of life...

Drink the waters of your own flowing self and enter your spirit to join your divine to reignite the fire within your own heart... be the love, joy, peace and light....always...


Miska's practice and teachings are pure joy and vitality. She will take you beyond time and always lead you in her sacred space and assists you to awake your own Kundalini energy and reconnect with your beautiful Heart center Anahatha. Kundalini energy is symbolized by a coil serpent... Which is an essential crucial cosmic vital energy known as Shakti... It sits in each of us...

Miska sets harmony before the class to fill it with energy of light love and peace. You will feel at home with her presence and authentic setting. She is very loving, of welcoming nature. Her class is more then asana it actually goes beyond yoga practice... It's a Healing class via art of YOGA...

With 25 years of practice and teaching experience, her dedication towards self healing, empowerment, strong connection to nature, the cosmos and her compassionate heart... creates a class accessible to everyone, from newborn to elderly...

All are very welcome!!!

There are no restriction, it is only in one self's mind that stops you from flowing, being flexible and moving free with an open heart.

Come and experience this unique gentle, strengthening, rejuvenating and meditative healing class.

Miska can tailor a practice to one's needs anywhere in the world. Groups, individual session or workshops. She teaches you to breath, move and reconnects you to your temple, pachamama and all around you... OMmmmmm
with Much Love Gra Mor 



We are just like Trees and Flowers which are fully alive with photo synthesis and as they need light we do as well. Our feet are the roots deep in the Earth. Our hands are leaves, flowers and the fruits reaching high to the sky to receive light. We are made of energy and light pathways and our energy centers are called chakras, portals of life and perceptions... Our feet are grounded and the upper part is in heaven creating balance and reuniting with the divine goddess and god within.

In order for us to clear up and understand how these centers function we must perceive what are these disturbances. How to heal and bring balance are most fundamentals. After bringing awareness to our own chakra centers where they will be activated and naturally processed. All the negative stagnant energies which have been stored in our self by abuse like alcohol, drugs, heavy food, emotions anger, violence, fear... of oneself and of our environment"Food for thought"Every thought is a food for our chakras which can affect it positively or negatively. When they become blocked from the negative their function will slow you down and will affect your health. When we create a healthy relationship with our centers we can live happier and free...

Rediscover the sacred dancer within to reconnect, heal, empower you to become your own healer.


Our precious Heart is not just an organ but it is our guide to the center of our inner universe. Our spiritual guide, a beautiful flower which is waiting for you to open up to her full beauty and light. We created a program of classes to show you how to discover the treasure within, how to connect, understand, how to heal and love more...here are some examples of heart imbalance

(grieving times, loss, feel of separation,not able to love or express love, feelings, touch, to once self and others, anger, resentments, judgment, physical pain heart, coronary and circulatory disorders,respiratory problems or asthma, skin problems...many more.)

If you are interested to step into your healing journey of heart, contact me without hesitation. I am honored to be here to guide you on your sacred journey into your Heart. We can have a one on one session or you can join a workshop where more beautiful hearts can share and meet... It is an individual process where all roads meet in the heart.


CHAKRA YOGA DANCE workshop created by Miska Chaska... 

Would you like to learn more about your own energy centres? You have the opportunity to join us in becoming what you were meant to be. HAPPY AND FREEThis authentic class will bring you to your Garden, it will teach you and guide you on how to open your precious Petals... You will learn techniques which will enrich your dance with our Pachamama... *Awake your inner energies and uniqueness, self explore the chakra journey* via healing, arts, movement, embodiment, meditation, sounds and colours with this sacred space dance with your divine feminine & masculine, let's sit in ceremony together and be in total exaltation. 

You will learn more about each main chakra, how to find the way to consciously connect with yourself and Mother Earth Pachamama and the Universe...You will heal and become more balanced with energy by releasing those blockages. You will energize your body and revitalize your important energy centres. You will have a deeper understanding of who you are and open up to unconditional love, joy, beauty, happiness, magic, empowerment, inner peace & abundance...
MISKA is very open to travel and set a class for you or family community... Her long experience and teaching assistance brought loads of happiness and light to people's path.