Eco lodging/location

Eco lodging and location 

Welcome you to a beautiful eco retreat center, located within the small town of Sauce, one of fourteen districts that constitute the larger region of San Martin. With Medicine of Light being nestled atop a mountain on a majestic 25 hectares of pasture and selva, the view to surrounding jungles below and the local Sauce Lagoon, the views are sure to take your breath away!

The climate and environment of the highland jungles is one of heat, humidity, bugs and unexpected rains, some fresh nights.

As well, thanks to the diverse ecology and geography of San Martin, where the jungle (selva) meets the mountains (sierra), the region serves as a prime location for all things majestic and fun. There exists a variety of options for outdoor adventure, with everything from horse-back riding, zip-lining and rafting, to waterfalls, thermal springs, mud baths, national parks, and more! With all this abundance, there's sure to be plenty of adventure to schedule into your itinerary!

Your stay will be enriched, by experience stepping through a door of wild garden. In our eco center, its important that you will be comfortable living under the stars, without much in the way of modern accommodations style, Internet and hot water.Our Lodge is made from local, natural sources and material, example red clay, Cana, Shapaja, local wood, rice husc etc. Pure, drinking mountain water and shower. Eco dry toilettes.

We are free of any chemical , toxic , products, therfore we will kindly ask you to bring with you a eco toilletries.(shampoo, soap etc.)

We are open to host you as post dieta guests or as visitor searching some serenity. We offer lodging on days when we have no retreats. You will stay in the one of our 3 eco Earth house. We have shared accomodation or private double room, or single private stay. Its very unique breathable space with very comfortable beds and cosy blankets.

Our large beautiful traditional Selva kitchen, has stunning view for the local Laguna Azul, mountians and all the Flora, Fauna on the land.

We offer accomodation with delicious healthy breakfast

4 beds Shared room accomodation     60 soles

Simple private stay                                 90 soles

Large Double room                                 120 soles