14 February Valentines Day of Love  Day of Universal Sound


Heart  Healing Ritual 

Valentine's day before the Full moon in Leo is all Fire, Heart element, a perfect day to meet up or call a dear friend or someone you know is completely alone. Give a smile to a stranger on street:) Go play, connect with yourself, nurture with nature or meditation, sing, dance, create a Love Ritual... Share Romantic moments with your partner, children, family.

Valentine's day become a little bit like Xmas day and why not, this collective love celebration, having a great positive ripple effect, a massive wave of Love touches many hearts.
Many people suddenly pause for a moment, thinking about someone special they hold in their hearts. Whichever way they choose to Honore their Valentine.
This day is not only for lovers or couples, it's a wonderful opportunity to spread the love even further. To start with one Self and your family, talk to your children, let them know how much you love them, appreciate, praise them, with your partners, parents, grandparents, siblings, all the relatives, friends, acquaintances, you may meet someone on the street let them know they are loved, smile at them or helping hand, children in the orphanage, homeless people, elder daycare, hospices, hospitals, or people abroad in the Third World Countries. 

Plant Trees in your own Country or Amazonian Forest, there are many ways, you can make research and be part of to Growing More Green Lungs for our Hearts.

Make your own Heart Love Ritual ....Get different shapes of hearts to place them on a lovely cloth on your table, somewhere nice, with candles, feathers, bells, singing bowls..play sound healing music, or your own. Set intention for this day, what you wish to heal in your heart and manifest in your daily life. I guess More Love :) or a Lovely partner, a beautiful companion to enjoy life with. Have a day fill creativity alone or with kids, go out in nature bring seeds to birds or offerings..., make someone special surprise. Create something yummy or dance.

 Before the ritual Shamanic journey. I had made a beautiful Altar full of stones, crystals heart-shaped, chanting mantras, songs, made yummy raw heart shape chocolates,  raw Passion Raspberry cake, (my beloved was coming home after 2 weeks, his birthday and the Valentines, we connect all to this long weekend,  we had hiked in the frosty crystalline snow woods, by the river, feed the birds and honour all life. Dance in our home and also he had joined the Heart ritual meditation today. Of course, the days have been filling up with other amazing things, surprises including nurturing and call with family, friends, cheering up, supporting, sharing our Love. Eating soo much of this Yummmy cake :) Recipe for you below.

Time to Recieve and Give away

I have GIFT for you, from my Heart to Yours Thank you for receiving this

 Magic Sound Love Ritual for your hearts!!!


Since last Valentines' Day, we all have been on a very big journey, for many of us strong shifts, not able to freely travel, visit family, beloved, feeling of isolation brought up, many feelings of loneliness, anxiety, sadness, grief. Some more fortunate than others, I was one of them able to fly from Peru/New York to the Czech Republic to be with my family, my mum had Heart Surgery...A gift to be able to be here in person for her and everyone, assist her pre-care, during the surgery, and aftercare.  

Some of you have been taking it as a Life Challenge, the opportunity to Awakening,... diving deeper within your own soul, heart, committed to self-healing, embark on the spiritual path, committing to new evocation, helping others, reconnecting with family and nature.

Others may feel completely helpless, alone, don't know anyone, who can love or care for them, and vice versa!! Some have the heart close due to some past experiences, not able to forgive, holding on to resentment, heartaches, heartbreak from losing your loved one beloved. 

In case you feel like this, reading this message, or feel like reconnecting with your own heart, doing a special ritual for yourself and many today, I'm offering you a sweet gift, a lovely meditation, visualization practice that may assist to heal your precious Heart and SPARKLE UP some more Love.

Would love to hear how you were this day? How was the Heart Ritual for you? The Passion Love cake? Also, would you need any support or anyone you know calling for help, welcome to book me for Call and Private Session .. link here https://calendly.com/medicineoflight/miska-chaska-clarity-call?back=1&month=2021-02

Please leave your comments in my email or in my blog. Love to hear, sharing is caring. https://medicineoflight.cms.webnode.cz/contact-us/ 

Wishing you a fantastic smooth, magical day filled with so much love and peace.

Yours Miska Chaska 


Passion Love Cake  Crust layer: 120g sunflower seeds (1 cup) 5 medjool dates pitted, 3 spoon shredded coconut ,2tbsp tahini ½tsp cinnamon pinch Himalayan pink salt. Raspberry layer:120g cashews, soaked for 4 hours (1 cup) 2spoon date syrup, 4 spoon of coconut sugar, 1tbsp lemon juice,200g frozen raspberries, thawed,100g coconut cream ,2tbsp coconut oil ,pinch of cardamon, INSTRUCTIONS Prepare 6" round cake tin with removable base, no need to grease it. Place sunflower seeds into a food processor or high speed blender and pulse few times until coarsely ground. Add pitted dates, tahini, cinnamon and salt and blend until the mixture comes together. Add an extra date or tahini if needed. Spoon the mix into the tin, spread evenly onto the base and press tightly down. Place into a fridge.Rinse the soaked cashews under running water and place into blender. Add  syrup, sugar, lemon juice, coconut  cream and thawed raspberries and blend until smooth. Slowly add melted coconut butter and blend until incorporated. .Spoon onto the crust layer and smooth out the top.Place into a freezer overnight or for at least few hours to set.Once set carefully remove from the tin.Place onto a cake stand and decorate with  toppings of your choice. Store in a fridge or freezer. Enjoy Eat with LOVE !!

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